Young Immortal 1008 Friends Club


RBI Training Center, Virginia USA

Join a world-wide intentional community of Immortal Friends, sharing a common philosophy, practice, and way of living that supports each individual being fully alive!

Young Immortal 1008 Friends Club members enjoy year-round access to the RBI Training Center Facilities in Waynesboro and Staunton, Virginia for:

• Participation in all regular RBI Trainings at the RBI Training Center.

• Spiritual purification – daily practices with the elements earth, air, water, and fire.

• Personal Retreats

• Individual work with RBI Staff and Leonard Orr, when appropriate.

• Advanced physical immortality practices and special literature.

• Support and joy of spiritual community; watch our relationships grow and experience successful relationships with RBI Staff, Leonard D. Orr, Elvi Orr, and RBI International Trainers.

• Use of the facilities to conduct your approved trainings and individual Rebirthing Breathwork sessions.

• Participation in the training center’s monthly meeting of the One Year Seminar.

•  Sharing a common philosophy and practice.

Be in the first 108 Members to join and enjoy Special Charter Member privileges in the 1008 Immortal Friends Club. We plan to grow and expand the retreat centers, benefits, and facilities world-wide as the club membership grows.

Don’t miss out on this special opportunity! Be a 1008 Club member and enjoy staying at the training center with a fantastic community for less than the cost of living at home!

1008 Immortal Friends Club Annual Fee: $3,300 USD.

Membership does not include meals or travel expenses.  Membership fee may be paid in the full amount via PayPal, credit card, check or money order. A quarterly payment plan of four installments of $825.00 USD is also available for enrollment.

Join the Club and receive your inspiring Welcome Package in the mail!

To enroll:

1. Fill out the form below with your contact information and details.

2.  Send in your payment from the list of payment options below.


Step 1. Your Membership Information:

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Step 2. Payment Options:


– One Time Full Payment

$3,300.00 USD

Enter Your Phone Number


– Quarterly Payment Plan

Four payments of $825, billed 3 months apart. This is an automatic charge to your PayPal or credit card account ending on the fourth final payment for a total of $3,300.00 USD.

Enter Your Phone Number


– Pay by Mail

Send your check or money order made out to Rebirth International, PO Box 1026, Staunton, VA, 24402.

Membership fee may be paid in the full amount of $3,300.00 USD, or with a minimum payment of $825.00 USD for a quarterly payment plan.


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